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Mulgi Zali Ho is a Marathi TV serial based on the girl child Sajiri (Mau) who longs for her father’s love all the time. His father is a greedy man who gets him done with greed for money.

Due to the father being greedy and abusive, she sells milk from house to house in the city to run the house. On the other hand, Mau’s mother Uma stays pregnant.

But Mau’s father Vilas is afraid that if the second daughter is born, then he will not be able to bear his expenses. Because of this, Mau’s father gave his mother some poison during pregnancy so that a second daughter could not be born.

As a result, Mau’s mother gives birth to a dumb girl. On the one hand, when Mau goes to sell milk in the city, he meets a boy from the city of Shaunak who used to follow him every day.

Shaunak remembers that in his childhood Mau was saved from a car accident. On one hand, Mau comes close to his childhood friend Shaunak and on the other hand, the situation of the house is very bad. How to handle Mau to know yourself under these circumstances, watch Mulgi Zali Ho TV Serial.

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Quick Info About the Mulgi Zali Ho tv serial:

Television Show Mulgi Zali Ho
Genre Social Drama & Romance
Edition 1
Language Marathi
Country India
Start Date 2 September 2020
Time 9:00 pm
Day Monday to Saturday (6 Days in a week)
Running Time 20-22 Minutes
Repeat Telecast Timings Not Known
Channel Star Pravah
Online Disney+Hotstar App
Production House Panorama Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Producer Suzana Ghai
Hemant Ruprel
Ranjit Thakur
Cinematographer (DOP) Abhishek Gandhi
Screenplay Rohini Ninawe
Editor Shatrujit Singh
Kapil Ubana
Marketing Star Pravah Marketing-ordinated by
Written By Sharad Chandra Tripathi
Created By Suzana Ghai
Creative Director Nishtha Yadav
Directed By Sohit. K. Sarkar Thakuri
Main Star Cast Divya Pugaonkar

Sharvani Pillai

Kiran Mane

Yogesh Sohoni

Mulgi Zali Ho tv serial timing history:

No. Airing Date Days Time (IST)
1 2 September – 21 November 2020 Mon-Sat 9 pm
2 23 November 2020 – 7 May 2021 Mon-Fri (sometimes Sun)

Star Cast in Mulgi Zali Ho tv serial:

Sr No Real Name Role Name Role
1. Shravan Pillai Uma Patil Mau’s Mother
2. Savita Malpekar Damayanti Patil Vilas’s mother
3. Divya Pugaonkar Sajiri Patil (Mau) Uma and Vilas’s daughter; Akshara and Rohan’s sister
4. Yogesh Sohoni Shaunak Jahagirdar Kalyani’s son
5. Pratiksha Mungekar Divya Sardeshmukh Rajan and Vaishali’s daughter
6. Kiran Mane Vilas Patil Uma’s husband; Akshara, Mau, and Rohan’s father
7. Prajakta Navnale Siddhi Gaikwad Ashok and Seema’s daughter
8. Siddharth Khirid ACP Siddhant Bhosle special investigation officer; Revati’s son
9. Srujan Deshapande Rohan Patil Vilas and Uma’s son
10. Shweta Ambikar Aarya Sardeshmukh Rajan and Vaishali’s daughter
11. Apoorva Sapkal Akshara Rane Vilas and Uma’s daughter
12. Prajakta Kelkar Kalyani Jahagirdar Shaunak’s mother
13. Ajay Purkar Rajan Sardeshmukh Vaishali’s Husband
14. Pradnya Jawle Vaishali Sardeshmukh Rajan’s wife; Divya and Aarya’s mother
15. Santosh Patil Ashok Gaikwad Seema’s husband; Siddhi’s father
16. Manjusha Khetri Seema Gaikwad Ashok’s wife; Siddhi’s mother
17. Swapnil Pawar Deepak Rane Akshara’s husband
18. Priti Kadam Sheetal Divya’s supporter
19. Pankaj Kale Sunil Shinde Rajshree’s husband
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Star Cast With Photo & Their Role In Mulgi Zali Ho tv serial:

1. Divya Subhash

Divya Subhash

As: Sajiri Patil

Role: (Mau): Uma and Vilas’s daughter

2. Yogesh Sohoni

Yogesh Sohoni

As: Shaunak Jahagirdar

Role: Kalyani’s son; Aarya’s brother and Mau’s love-interest

3. Sharvani Pillai 

Sharvani Pillai

As: Uma Patil

  1. Role: Vilas’s wife; Akshara, Mau, and Rohan’s mother

4. Kiran Mane

Kiran Mane

As: Vilas Patil

Role: Uma’s husband; Akshara, Mau and Rohan’s father

5. Apoorva Sapkal

Apoorva Sapkal

As: Akshara Rane

Role: Vilas and Uma’s daughter; Mau and Rohan’s sister, Deepak’s wife

6. Srujan Deshpande

Srujan Deshpande

As: Rohan Patil

Role: Vilas and Uma’s son; Akshara and Mau’s brother; Aarya’s husband

7. Prajakta Navnale

Prajakta Navnale

As: Siddhi Gaikwad

Role: Ashok and Seema’s daughter; Mau’s best friend

8. Pratiksha Mungekar

Pratiksha Mungekar

As: Divya Sardeshmukh

Role: Rajan and Vaishali’s daughter and Aarya’s sister

9. Shweta Ambikar

Shweta Ambikar

As: Aarya Sardeshmukh

Role: Rajan and Vaishali’s daughter

10. Manjusha Khetri

Manjusha Khetri

As: Seema Gaikwad

Role: Ashok’s wife; Siddhi’s mother

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