Survivor Tamil சர்வைவர் 2021 Contestant Name With Photo, Wiki, Elimination, Review, Elimination Today, Cast, Telecast Timing, Promo Survivor Season 1

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Survivor Tamil சர்வைவர் 2021 Plot / Meaning:

Survivor Tamil is a reality show based on the Swedish Robinson format developed by Charlie Parsons. The show is the Tamil version of the American TV series Survivor, in which, like the American show, in the Tamil version, only celebrities will be part of the show and will be taken to an island for 90 days.

There will be no equipment and facilities of modern life on this island. After reaching the island, the survivors will be divided into two parts, which will also be known as Launch Day. The Survivor Tamil show sees two divided tribes fighting each other on a given task to save themselves from elimination.

Every week the losing team will have to go to the Tribal Council where the losing team will vote as many as possible to get its own co-contestant eliminated. After this, which contestant gets the most votes will have to leave the game.

There are also some special rules of Survivor Tamil which all the contestants will have to follow.

Rule No1. Survivors will be allowed to bring a limited amount of clothing with them to the island.

Rule No 2. No survivor can bring a suitcase with him to the island.

Rule No 3. All Survivors will have to talk and speak only in Tamil language apart from this they cannot use any other language during the game.

In this Survivor Tamil Season 1 game there will be two separate islands for the tribes and a separate island for the tribe council. The tribes would have to set up separate tents for their shelter and they would be given a limited amount of raw food which the tribes would have to find ways to light a fire to cook.

Every day both the tribes will be given Immunity Challenge and Reward Challenge in which the team that loses the Immunity Challenge will sit in the Tribal Council Department where all the members of the losing team will vote to eliminate the weakest player from their own team.

Whichever contestant gets the most votes in this council will be kicked out of the game. A total of 18 contestants are participating in this game, who will have to stay on the island for 90 days. The contestants who win this Survivor Tamil show will be given a total reward of Rs 1 crore.

Quick Info About Survivor சர்வைவர் 2021 Tamil Contestant List:

Survivor Tamil
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Television ShowSurvivor
GenreAdventure Reality TV Show
Start DateSeptember 12, 2021
Channel NameZee Tamil
Telecast Time9.30 PM, Everyday
Repeat Telecast Time4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Running Time90 minutes
Online PlateformZee 5
Shooting LocationIslands
Hosted ByArjun Sareja
arjun sarjaa
Prize MoneyINR 1 crore

Survivor (சர்வைவர்) 2021 Tamil Contestant List:

Sl. NoContestantsAgeProfessionStatus
1Vijayalakshmi Ahathian
2Gayathri Reddy
Gayathri Reddy
3Srushti Dange
Srushti Dange
4Nandha Durairaj
Nandha Durairaj
5VJ Parvathy
VJ Parvathy
6Vikranth Santhosh
Vikranth Santhosh
7Besant Ravi
Besant Ravi
51Actor Eliminated
8Umapathy Ramaiah
Umapathy Ramaiah
9Lady Kash
Lady Kash
10Amjath Khan
Amjath Khan
11Narayan Lucky
Narayan Lucky
12Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli
Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli
13Saran Shakthi
Saran Shakthi
14Aishwarya Krishnan
Aishwarya Krishnan
15Indraja Shankar
Indraja Shankar
16Ram C
Ram C
17Vanessa Cruez
Vanessa Cruez
(Wildcard Entry)
18Inigo Prabhakaran
Inigo Prabhakaran
(Wildcard Entry)

Survivor (சர்வைவர்) Tamil 2021 promo:

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