Top 8 Biggest Lottery Winners from India (2023)

Lottery is one of the most popular forms of sports in India. Lottery games are available in different formats, including fix and Progressive jackpots. The popularity of lottery games in India is due to the variety of chances given to players. Lottery tickets can be bought from retailers or online websites like Lottoland casino

Over the years, there have been several lucky individuals who have won huge jackpots in various lotteries. These individuals won life-changing sums. In 2023, we look at India’s top eight biggest lottery winners.

1. Lingaraju D

First on our list is Lingaraju D. He won $514,000 in June 2020 after buying an international Mega Millions lottery ticket online. Lingaraju had played the lottery for years before he finally hit the jackpot. Five out of six numbers on his ticket matched the drawn numbers, leading to his incredible win. Lingaraju was shocked and overjoyed when he heard the news, and he plans to use some of his winnings to travel around the world and enjoy his retirement.

2.   Ushakiran Patel

Second on our list is Ushakiran Patel, who won a whopping $1 million in Powerball in March 2018. The win made her one of the most prominent lottery winners in India. Patel’s journey to becoming a millionaire began when she decided to buy a Powerball ticket on a whim. Little did she know that this decision would change her life forever. After checking her numbers online, Patel couldn’t believe what she saw – she had won $1 million! She immediately called her family and friends to share the good news, and they were overjoyed for her.

3.   Mohammad Salah

Third on our list is Mohammad Salah, who struck gold by winning $1 million in Dubai Duty-Free in February 2020. The winner hailed from Karnataka and worked in Dubai for over a decade before he hit the jackpot. His win made him an instant millionaire overnight, and he expressed his gratitude to his family for supporting him throughout his life.

4.   Partho Mondal

Fourth on our list is Partho Mondal, who won INR 52,86,935 in Malamaal Daily Lottery held in November 2020. The Government of West Bengal organized the lottery game and saw thousands of participants buying tickets daily. For Partho Mondal, Lady Luck shone as he became one of the biggest lottery winners from India to date. He was ecstatic and couldn’t believe his good fortune when he received news of his win.

5.   Prasanth Parasuraman

Next is Prasanth Parasuraman from Chennai, who won CAD 286,791 in Lotto 649. After years of playing the lottery and dreaming of a big win, his perseverance finally paid off when he matched all six numbers on his ticket. Prasanth used his winnings to travel the world with his family, purchase a beautiful house for them to live in, and start his business venture. He shared that winning the lottery was one of the best things that ever happening to him and helped him fulfill all his dreams.

6.   Nirmal Damodarsamy

Another name is Nirmal Damodarsamy, who won $1 million in the US Powerball lottery in February 2016. Nirmal was a student in Chicago when he bought subscription of US Powerball online. This allowed him to automatically purchase tickets for each draw without physically buying them. His incredible luck shone as he won $1 million on his first try with just a Powerball correct number. 

7.   Hira Singh

Hira Singh, an Indian living in Kansas, US, hit it big when he won $50 million in Mega Millions in March 2019. Hira had been playing the lottery for years and finally struck gold with his lucky numbers. Singh’s story is one of sheer disbelief and amazement as he missed the live announcement of the draw but went on to scan the ticket he had later on. When he saw that all his numbers matched perfectly with those drawn – 10 12 16 49 57 and number 18 – he was stunned and had to rescan his ticket thrice before believing it was true.

8.   Balraj Awasthi

Another big winner from India is Balraj Awasthi, who won $12.8 million in Lotto 6 49 in February 2017. With his roots in India, Balraj was working as a chef in Toronto when he decided to purchase a lottery ticket with hopes of winning big and making his dreams come true. He had always dreamt of traveling the world and owning his own business in Canada – something he could only afford once he won millions of dollars.


India’s top 8 lottery winners were Balraj Awasthi, Hira Singh, Nirmal Damodarsamy, Prasanth Parasuraman, Partho Mondal, Ushakiran Patel, Lingaraju D, and Mohammad Salah. This is a sign that lottery tickets are becoming more popular in India. The increasing popularity of lottery tickets will likely lead to even more big jackpots in the coming years. The most significant fact to remember is that winning the lottery is a pure result of chance. Playing with as much as you can afford is better, but avoid becoming too reckless and wasting money.

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