The Voice US Contestant 2021, Judges, Telecasting Time, Elimination and More

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“Season 20” of the voice American Reality television series started on March 1, 2021. This show is being telecast on NBC (National Broadcasting Company). The coaches who are named for this season are Kelly Clarkson John Legend, Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton, and Kelsea Ballerini (guest). This is the 20th season of Blake Shelton being a coach. Similarly for a Kelly Clarkson, this is her 7th season and John Legend came this time for his 5th season. Nick Jonas will be a coach this time for his second season. Kelsea Ballerini will be there as a guest coach, filling in Clarks on during the Battles round.

Carson Daly is the host of this season He has been the host of this television series since the very beginning. As for as coaches are concerned it was announced by NBC on November 17, 2020, that there would be a change for this season. Gwen Stefani refused to return as a coach. This paved the way for Nick Jonas to be on show as a coach for his second season.

Quick Info About Show The Voice US Contestant 2021:

The Voice US Judges

It is an American singing reality competition show. For the first time, it was aired on April 26, 2011.

Television Show The Voice US
Genre Reality Singing Competition
Season 20
Year 2021
Language English
Country U.S (United State)
Start Date 01 March 2021
Running Time 44-104 Minutes
Telecasting Time Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm. ET/7 pm CT
Original Network NBC Network
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • John Legend
  • Nick Jonas
  • Blake Shelton
Hosted By Carson Daly
Created By John De Mol
Directed By Alan Carter
Production Location Universal Studios
Distributor ITV Studios Global Entertainment

Warner Bros Television Distributor

List of The Voice US Top 40 Contestant 2021:

The Voice US Top 40 has been announced. In the top 40, There are 10 Contestants are in Team Kelly, 11 Contestants are in Team Nick Jonas, 8 contestants are in Team Blake Shelton and 11 Contestants are in Team John Legend. The contestants faced hard work to get selected in the top 40.  

The show aired on ABC Network on March 1, 2021. The show includes some contestants as wild card entries. The show is headed by four coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton while the show is being hosted by Carson Daly.

Team Kelly Clarkson:

Team Kelly Clarkson

Sr No. Name Age Status
1 Anna Grace 20 Competing
2 Kenzie Wheeler 22 Competing
3 Corey Ward 34 Competing
4 Ryleigh Modig 18 Competing
5 Halley Greg 29 Eliminate
6 Ainae 21 Competing
7 Avery Roberson 20 Competing
8 Gihanna Zoë 17 Competing
9 JD Casper 28 Competing
10 Savanna Woods 26 Competing

Team Nick Jonas:

Nick Jonas

Sr No. Name Age Status
1 Andrew Marshall 21 Competing
2 Awari 35 Eliminated
3 Bradley Sinclair 22 Competing
4 Dana Monique 41 Competing
5 Devan Blake Jones 35 Competing
6 Jose Figueroa Jr. 32 Competing
7 Keegan Ferrell 21 Competing
8 Lindsay Joan 22 Eliminate
9 Rachel Mac 15 Competing
10 Raine Stern 22 Competing
11 Zae Romeo 21 Competing

Team Blake Shelton:

Team Blake

Sr No. Name Age Status
1 Aaron Konzelman 39 Eliminated
2 Cam Anthony 19 Competing
3 Connor Christian 23 Competing
4 Emma Caroline 25 Competing
5 Ethan Lively 17 Competing
6 Jordan Young 34 Competing
7 Pete Mroz 45 Competing
8 Savanna Chestnut 25 Competing

Team John Legend:

John Legend

Sr No. Name Age Status
1 Carolina Rial 17 Competing
2 Christine Cain 27 Eliminated
3 Ciana Pelekai 20 Competing
4 Deion Warren 28 Competing
5 Denisha Dalton 22 Eliminated
6 Durell Anthony 34 Eliminate
7 Gean Garcia 19 Competing
8 Pia Renee 37 Competing
9 Rio Doyle 16 Competing
10 Victor Solomon 22 Competing
11 Zania Alake 34 Competing

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