American Idol Elimination List in 2021, Top 16 Selected Contestants, eliminated contestants and More

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American Idol is an American singing competition and TV series created by Simon fuller. The competition is produced by Fremantle North America and 19 Entertainment and distributed by Fremantle North America. It was firstly aired on Fox TV for 15 seasons, from 11 June 2002 to 7 April 2016.

The show later aired on ABC Channel after a gap of two years. The 19 seasons of American Idol in the year 2021 are going to air on ABC TV from 14 February 2021 at 8|7c. This is the fourth season of the show to be aired on the ABC channel in the year 2021 and the 19th season in total.

American Idol 2021 has Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie appearing as a judge, Bobby Bones fourth judge of the show. This show will be host by Ryan Seacrest.

The show’s makers had finished the audition round in October 2020, after the end of the audition rounds, a total of 40 contestants have been selected who will give their performance in front of the four judges.

Only after all the contents have been performed will it be known which of the 20 contestants will be able to impress all the voices with their voice and get a golden ticket to ensure their place in American Idol 2021.

Television ShowAmerican Idol
CountryU.S (United State)
Start Date14 February 2021
DayNot Known
JudgesKaty Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Bobby Bones
Hosted ByRyan Seacrest
Production HouseFremantle North America and 19 Entertainment
Distributed ByFremantle North America
Created BySimon fuller

American Idol Elimination List in 2021:

  1. Christina Daugherty-         Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  2. Will Pellerin                          Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  3. Malachi Mills                         Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  4. John Okafo                             Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  5. Mignon                                     Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  6. Chloe Belsito                          Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  7. Abby LeBaron                        Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  8. Brianna Collichio                 Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  9. Simeon Taylor                       Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  10. Dreion                                      Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  11. Zoe Levy                                  Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  12. Sofia Gomez                           Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  13. Taylor Sackson                     Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  14. Sloane Simon                        Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  15. Nicole Acosta                        Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  16. Tryzdin                                    Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  17. Pajama Josh                          Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  18. Jamie Grace                                Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  19. Monica Leah                         Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  20. Julian Cunningham                 Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  21. Claudia Conway                   Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  22. Xavier Washington                   Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  23. Sadie Leigh                            Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  24. Benson Boone                            Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  25. Presley Barker                     Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  26. Ashlyn Ruder                        Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  27. Ammon Olayan                    Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  28. Yurisbel                                  Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  29. Calvin Upshaw                     Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  30. Samantha Sharpe                      Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  31. DZaki Sukarno                     Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  32. Christian McGuckian         Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  33. Erika Perry (ET)                  Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  34. Timmy Skelly                        Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  35. Micheal Gerow                     Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  36. Cameron McGhar                       Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  37. Heather Russell                          Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  38. Liv Grace Blue                            Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  39. Alana Delsherm                        Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  40. Zachary D’Onofrio                   Eliminated (Duet Challenge)
  41. Vahhley                                      Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  42. Ren Patrick                               Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  43. James Perdue                             Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  44. Trinity Rose                               Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  45. Christian Terry                         Eliminated (Genre Challenge)
  46. Funke Lagoke                  Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  47. Kya Monee                       Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  48. Jazzy Rose                        Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  49. Ben Dodson                     Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  50. Camille Lamb                 Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  51. Janie Hughes                  Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  52. Drake McCain                Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  53. Jay Camaro                      Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  54. Emi Sunshine                Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  55. Murphy                             Eliminated (Showstoppers)
  56. Althea Grace                   Eliminated (Showstoppers)
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List of contestants who are not selected in American idol 2021:

  1. Ryan Romano                   Not Selected
  2. Ethan Kuntz                      Not Selected
  3.  Joshua Kuntz                  Not Selected
  4. Cheryl K                             Not Selected
  5. Olya Lvova                        Not Selected
  6. Lambo                                Not Selected
  7. Alexis Arai                        Not Selected
  8. Nastachia                          Not Selected
  9. Mikayla Jackson            Not Selected
  10. Katelyn Myers                 Not Selected
  11. Jackson Snelling            Not Selected
  12. Steven Paul                      Not Selected
  13. Aeden Alvarez                 Not Selected
  14. Miranda Kitchpanich   Not Selected
  15. McKayla Marie                Not Selected
  16. Danica Steakley               Not Selected
  17. Mario Adrion                    Not Selected
  18. Ace Stiles                            Not Selected
  19. Tom McGovern                Not Selected
  20. Jeremias Williams         Not Selected  
  21. Anthony Key                     Not Selected
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